Washoku Kikufuji Japanese Restaurant Birthday Celebration | Restaurant Review

March 3, 2014

Washoku Kikufuji Japanese Restaurant
2277 Pasong Tamo St.,
Pio Del Pilar, Makati City
8937319   8936131

This year, we celebrated dad's 63rd birthday in a tried and tested Japanese restaurant in Makati- Washoku Kikufuji. It is situated just outside Little Tokyo beside Shinjuku.

Dad and his Unadon PhP 580

In my last entry, I told you that I went to The Block in SM North EDSA to buy a Tous les Jours birthday cake. What I didn't tell you is that I lose track of time and ended up going home late. I blame the supermarket which is strategically located near the bakery lol

I am a certified daddy's girl... even with our orders, it's the same!

The restaurant accepts last orders at around 1:30pm, we arrived a few minutes before that lol They were very strict with time because by the time we paid the bill and got out of the restaurant, there were a few waitresses but that's it, there was not a single sushi chef in sight!

lunch set meal includes hot/cold tea, vegetables and salad

also included is raw tuna with tempura breading mix with mayo.. definitely yummy!

Every order of lunch set menu includes all that was shown in the photo and a bowl of miso soup. You have to really try and drink the miso from the bowl for the experience. I am not a soup person but I finished the entire bowl of miso, it was really good.

Gyudon PhP 320

My brother didn't like his order of Gyudon because he said it was chewy. I have tasted it and I think it was just alright.

Tempura PhP 269

same shrimp tempura taken on a different angle and closer

The shrimp tempura was disappointing, the shrimps were tiny and it was only the breading that made it appear to be bigger. 

Mix Tempura PhP 255

Ikura sushi PhP 115/pc

My sister ordered her favorite Ikura Sushi. She is on a diet so she ordered mix tempura which included 2 pieces of shrimp tempura, fish tempura and some vegetables.

DH ordered Zaru Soba PhP 225

This is not so bad but DH said Ryuma's version of Zaru Soba is way better than Kikufuji.

Kyuten Mori PhP 1,100

Sashimi is the reason why we were in Kikufuji in the first place. Kyuten Mori has 9 orders of sushi in one plate. There's uni (center), saba, 2 orders of salmon, tuna, octopus, yellowtail, ark shell (sandwiched in between saba and tuna in lower left portion) and lapu lapu.

 I ordered Chicken Teriyaki PhP 255 for #yayaMartinez


Iced Coffee

You can choose between iced coffee and fresh fruits after meal.

I wish you good health and more birthdays to come, dad!

dad and I

My dad has more photos here in my blog than mine lol He loves having his picture taken. Now you know where I get my love for pictorial came from.

I love you, dad!

We really love the sushi here so who knows we might just be back in Kikufuji sooner than later!
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