Mr. Park's Bread and Cake at Eton Emerald Lofts Pasig

After attending Dove Presents #BeautifulMom in Podium last Saturday, we went to Mr. Park's Bread and Cake in Ortigas Avenue for an afternoon snack.

Pat Bing Su

The breads and cakes on display were all delectable, I want to order everything if money is no object hahaha Okay, I balked when our final bill came close to PhP 1000. Hmmm... did I overorder or what?!

(foreground) Baby Green Tea Puff and Baby Strawberry Puff PhP 14/pc.; (backgroud) Baby Cream Puff PhP 10/pc.

These are yummy melt-in-your-mouth puffs! I ordered two of my favorite flavors- strawberry and green tea. The baby cream puffs were for #babyMartinez.

Egg Sandwich PhP 99

Mr. Park's Egg Sandwich is very filing. In fact, my sister's friend would almost always order this for her lunch.

Soft Cheese Cake PhP 150

Soft Cheese Cake is a must-order when you dine in Mr. Park. It's super moist and yes, soft!

dad and his cafe latte PhP 110

Mogacha or Yujacha PhP 120 each

My sister and her friend can't decide which drink to order so one of them chose Mogacha (ginger) and the other one chose Yujacha (lemon). They said the ginger drink tasted a lot compared to lemon.

Pizza Toast PhP 54

dad seemed pretty satisfied with his order of Korean halo-halo

Mr. Park's Pat Bing Su

Mr. Park's Pat Bing Su (Korean's version of halo-halo; It literally means red beans with ice) has a mix of fresh fruits in season like watermelon, kiwi and banana, corn flakes, red bean paste (Pat) with two flavored ice cream on top and lots and lots of matcha powder. Really delicious!

I took home several breads for DH to try - Cream Cheese Brioche (PhP 46), Soft Garlic Baguette (PhP 65), Hotdog Olive (PhP 48).

After eating a little bit of everything that we ordered, I find most of the breads sweet and they actually tasted the same too ; p

I want to try other Korean bakeshops, any suggestions?
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