Ogetsu Hime SM Aura | Restaurant Review

I don't know why but my family and I always end up in SM Aura whenever there is an occasion. Let's see, we were there last Christmas and just recently, on Mother's Day.

We celebrated two occasions that day, the other one was our wedding anniversary so we decided to try an upscale Japanese restaurant called Ogetsu Hime- name of the Food Goddess in Japan. This saisaki/teppan restaurant is also owned and operated by Triple V Corporation (Saisaki).

The sushi bar is at the helm of Chef Isao Takada, the renowned chef of Saisaki. You can see him upon entering the restaurant, I would love to have a photo op with him but he was busy so maybe next time ; )

Chirashi Tokubetsu PhP 490

The restaurant was full, we have to wait a little longer than usual. All seats at the teppanyaki area were either occupied or reserved. Buti nalang coz I don't want to smell like BBQ right after hahaha Although we didn't order a sukiyaki, we ended up getting a table where you can cook it right in front of you. We have no choice.

Tofu Steak PhP 190

Everyone loved this 5-piece Japanese tofu steak. It is mildly sweet and has a generous amount of mushrooms on the side.

Gyoza PhP 165

Shake Rayu Sashimi PhP 375

Shake Sashimi PhP 350

Isn't it obvious how my family loves salmon?! They ordered three different variations- sashimi, rayu and sushi (pictured below) lol

Shake sushi PhP 170; Shime Saba sushi PhP 140

Shime Saba was all mine ; )

Tamago sashimi PhP 140

California Temaki PhP 105

California Temaki was filled with Japanese sushi rice and just a few other ingredients like avocado and Japanese fish roe.

Ebi Tempura PhP 360

US Tenderloin Teppan PhP 750

We opted for a US Tenderloin Teppan rather than sukiyaki which I can cook at home. It's quite expensive at PhP 750 but it was tender and juicy.

Tonkatsu PhP 250

A Hamachi sushi (PhP 275) was charged on our bill but I can't find the photo ; ( Anyway, I ordered a Tonkatsu for yaya. It comes complete with cabbage salad, Japanese salad dressing and sesame seeds like the one you can find in other tonkatsu places. Ogetsu Hime's tonkatsu is affordable compared to Yabu and the likes.

No service charge was added in our bill. The server was very attentive to our needs. His efforts made up for the inefficiency of the receptionist so I gave him a generous tip (more than what we usually leave on the table) lol

Senior Citizen discount applies.

Ogetsu Hime is located at the 5th level, SM Aura Premier with contact numbers 519 9840 and 519 9740.

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