Chef's Noodles Robinsons Magnolia | Restaurant Review

Robinsons Magnolia is like my second home. The location is so close to our home that DH and I would often watch the first day of movie screening there along with numerous number of people living around the area lol Would you believe my little girl learned how to pass the ball in Tom's World?

Aside from those mentioned, one thing I love about Robinsons Magnolia is that there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. I can't really say that I have tried each and every restaurant inside the mall but I am getting there. The newest restaurant to catch my attention was Chef's Noodle. It is located at the basement level, just on the opposite side of the supermarket and on the same side as Daiso.

Chef's Noodle PhP 225

I was with my parents and my little girl when I visited the restaurant. We ordered one of the Donglyo meals. According to the menu, Donglyo meals are a gastronomic feast of carefully selected dishes made to satisfy your delicious craving for glorious Korean food.

Bibimbap (pork) PhP 125

We chose Option B which included its famous signature dish, Chef's Noodle which the restaurant is named after. It is like a shabu-shabu in one bowl, there's even a free soup refill. It also includes two orders of bibimbap (choice of pork, beef or chicken) and two drinks (Pepsi or Iced Tea).

Option A cost PhP 595, it includes the folowing:

  • Choice of Rice Rolls (Kimbap, Bulgogi Kimbap, Kimchi Kimbap)
  • Choice of Spicy Pork or Beef Curry
  • Chef's Noodle
  • 2 Plain Rice
  • 2 Drinks (Pepsi/Iced Tea)

Bibimbap (beef) PhP 125

For bibimbap, you can choose from pork, beef or chicken. Bibimbap is a Korean dish served in a bowl of warm white rice topped with fresh vegetables, spicy sauce, nori strips and a raw egg in the center.

Once you mix everything, you can't find the pork nor the beef. There was a lot of rice but not enough pork or beef in our order. Our orders of bibimbap fall short of our expectation.

Iced Tea (Lemon/Strawberry) PhP 40/ glass

There's also a set meal for a group of 4 priced at PhP 1,225 (Option A) and PhP 1,295 (Option B).
Bottomless Iced Tea is also available for only PhP 75.

Lovers in Paris PhP 155

We got a glass of complimentary Lovers in Paris drink for reaching the required PhP 400 spend. It is a mix banana and strawberry. It is a great way to end the heavy meal. I stressed on heavy because we had a lot of rice ; p
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