Strip Brazilian Facial Hydro

I was invited by Strip Ministry of Waxing to try out their newest service called Brazilian Facial- Hydro. It is Strip's version of dermabrasion and diamond peel in one.

Brazilian Facial machine

I went there barefaced on a Thursday morning. It was my first time to meet Tab and Monique who were both gracious in welcoming me to Strip.

this is the room where I was ushered into

there's even an evacuation plan

and an individual fire extinguisher just in case

So, what is Brazilian Facial?

It is an innovative procedure that provides non-invasive exfoliation while delivering skin type specific pharmaceutical grade tropical solution to treat concerns such as dehydration, dull skin, acne and in-grown hair.

What are the different problems that can be treated?

  • Acne and/or in-grown hair with Brazilian Facial Cleanse
  • Dehydrated skin with Brazilian Facial Hydro (this is the one I tried)
  • Dull Skin with Brazilian Facial Light

Aside from face, can other body parts be treated?

Yes, other body parts such as your kneecap, underarms, elbows, buttock line, eyes and lips can be treated.

The penlike instrument that you see (second to the last photo) was used to treat my face. The suctioning motion felt like a metal was scraping my whole face. My face turned red because I have sensitive skin. A topical solution called Ice Cream was applied to counter the irritation. In minutes, the redness was gone and I was able to go out of the room like nothing happened ; )

In the succeeding days, I was expecting to see tiny bumps which usually happens when I just had a facial. Well, the good news is I didn't get any bumps nor did I get a pimple.

With regards to the Hydro effect, I think I would need more than just one session to see its effect on my skin. Right after treatment, the dryness is still there. I think it's my hormones acting up.  For my skin type, it is recommended to go there at least once in every 2-3 weeks because I didn't feel any changes on the condition of my skin.

But don't take my word for it because it varies from skin to skin, Strip normally recommends to visit them only at least once a month.  Each person has a different skin type. What might work for me, might not work for you and vice versa.

You can check trial prices and other promos in their stores located at Serendra (9010892) and Greenbelt 5 (5013997).
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