Childproofing 101

Last year, I already wrote about babyproofing/childproofing. I didn't realized that as my little girl grows, I needed more locks for my cabinets and drawers. I found my answers inside True Value where I bought all these different types of locks- Secure-A-Lock, Flexi-Lock and Cabinet Glide Lock.

all my  locks are made by Dreambaby

Dreambaby Secure-A-Lock PhP 210 each

suitable for most mushroom shaped knobs with stem up to 0.75 in. in diameter or D-shaped handles that are up to 3.75 in. apart

To use: Press buttons while sliding Secure-A-Lock outward; To close, slide the catch inward

Dreambaby Flexi-Lock PhP 420/pack of 2

Flexi-Lock is a multi-touch release system suitable for mushroom-shaped knobs or D-shaped handles

If you want a more complicated style than Secure-A-Lock, Flexi-Lock might be the answer. Since it is a multi-touch release system, even I have a hard time opening it ; p

You have to push both center button and side release tab and remove flexible strap from the same side at the same time. I told you it is a bit difficult lol

childproofing 101

Remember my entry about what happened when #babyMartinez played with Happy Skin Moisturizing Lippie in Valentine Kiss? That will probably never happen ever again because all my cosmetics are now tucked safely inside the top drawer on the left side of the photo.

Dreambaby Cabinet Glide Lock PhP 210

just press and slide lock to open

This extra long lock opens up to 8.25", suitable for handles that are widely separated like the one you see below. 

this Cabinet Glide Lock secures my bottles from getting accidentally into my baby's reach

Now all I need is a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. She can climb up the stairs without assistance. Last night, after coming home to a party, she was almost on top of the stairs when I found her with one balloon on each hand. I almost died of a heart attack.

I hope this entry helps. Any other suggestions of childproofing 101 is most welcome.
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