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It's really hard when I don't have a yaya to take care of the little one. I don't have time to cook. One of the two options I have was to call for food delivery, the other one was to eat out ; p

Anyway, for the last two days, I have been ordering food from City Delivery hotline 87878. Here's what I ordered from Wee Nam Kee last Tuesday for lunch...

Wee Nam Kee Shangri-La Plaza Mall

What's inside the brown paper bag?

I ordered two of my favorite dishes from Wee Nam Kee- Cereal Prawns and of course, Steamed Hainanese Chicken.

Cereal Prawns PhP 434.33

Steamed Hainanese Chicken (large) PhP 976.41

I transferred the dishes from plastic containers to our pristine white bowls to make it look more presentable and appetizing.

Anyway, the day after, I tried City Delivery's online transaction by visiting its website instead of calling its hotline number. I noticed something new and it is City Delivery's CO2-Reduced Order.

CO2-Reduced Order

After Selecting Your City and Area, there's a list of restaurants that are closest to where you live. There's a special icon with CO2-Reduced found below the name of the restaurant. From the list, I selected Mr. Choi Kitchen which is the 5th restaurant that is nearest to my place.

I ordered as usual, I didn't even register. Don't forget to input a promo code if you have one before check out. After 10 minutes, I received a call from City Delivery confirming my orders.

In CO2-Reduced Order, many factors were calculated like distance to the restaurant, current position of the driver, state of the traffic, average order weight, vehicle model of each driver, etc. One thing is for sure, my food delivery has a lower greenhouse gas impact. Don't you just love City Delivery?!

delivery time is approximately an hour

Delivery time varies depending on traffic situations and load of orders so better call early. My orders on two separate occasions were delivered within an hour.

Sweet & Sour Pork PhP 275

Beef Tenderloin Chinese Style PhP 290

Fried Squid Salt & Pepper PhP 270

Spinach Seafood Soup and Chicken Sweet Corn Soup PhP 90 each

This is the first time I have heard of a food delivery company to offer such algorithm/calculation. I am fully supporting them for a job well done!

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