Dome Cafe Shangri-La Plaza Mall | Restaurant Review

After having a hearty meal at Aomori Cafe Boutique in Greenhills, I went to Shangri-La Plaza to meet up with my parents and siblings with #babyMartinez in tow. Once we got there, my mom started looking for a coffee shop. You know my mom, she loves coffee so I recommended Dome Cafe located at the ground level of the mall. 

Dad sipping a warm cup of cappuccino (PhP 65).

We wanted the couch sitting area but it was occupied. We settled for a table near the cashier which had narrow sitting area. It was not comfortable but I didn't mind because the restaurant has a complimentary WiFi, I was able to read a few of my favorite blogs ; p

Chicken Fingers PhP 165

Chicken Fingers is one of Dome Cafe's bestselling items on the menu. We tried it and we all like it. Well, except for my dad, who refuses to eat anything fried.

Croque Madam PhP 160

Ham, Apple and Cheese PhP 265

Both Croque Madam and Ham, Apple and Cheese sandwiches have a small serving of salad on the side.

Cappuccino PhP 65

Banana Burst PhP 135

My order of Banana Burst didn't come out until I made a follow up. Anyway, this is really good. I will order it again on my next visit.

Here are the rest of our photos taken that Father's Day...

my parents

my dashing dad and I

dad with my brother

dad together with my sister

my parents with their apo

That night, DH met up with us for dinner at Choi Garden in Greenhills. We had shabu-shabu and everybody went home with a full tummy.

You can read about my open letter to my dad here.
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