Happy Father's Day 'De!

I woke up early this morning knowing that today is Father's Day. In honor of my dad, I wanted to write an entry entirely focusing on him but the I remembered a post I wrote last year. I wanted to share and repost it here in my new blog. It is everything I wanted to tell and share so please take time to read.

dad and I

Dear 'de,

Remember when I was a kid, you always rub my back each morning to wake me up? I am doing that now to my little girl plus I added a little "stretching" to the routine ; ) I find that my daughter is happier throughout the day when I do that.

How can I forget the times when I patiently waited for you to come home from work at night because I know that you have Japanese take out boxes as "pasalubong" for me and my siblings. Thus, I feel guilty whenever I don't bring home a little something for my own daughter ; (

You started the tradition of hanging our socks every Christmas eve so you could shower us with gifts and see our delightful faces the next day. And because of that, we still hang our socks until today even though I am already married (I still send my socks to my parent's home ; p) and both my siblings have decent jobs. It was so much fun that I plan to start that tradition this year.

photo taken on his recent birthday

You taught me the value of hard work. At an early age, I learned how to earn my keep. I remember selling ice candy to our factory workers so I can buy my favorite stationery. I learned early on that I have to work hard to get what I want in life.

I remember that you were the one who accompanied me to all three universities where I took my entrance exams. You patiently waited for hours until my exam was done for the day. And when I finally graduated in college, you were teary-eyed because you always say that education was the best gift you can give to your children. I can't wait to have the same relationship with my baby girl!

photo taken on Easter Sunday

I could not forget the time when I got so sick- I could not even walk, you were the one who rushed me to the emergency section of the hospital. From then on, you never fail to ask me if I have eaten my lunch or dinner especially when I am working. I tend to focus on getting the job done than my growling stomach. You have instilled in me that Health is Wealth. That's what I plan to share with my own child and my future children too.

Yes, we are not rich. Your gift is so much more than that. You gave me everything I need in life- good values, good education and good health. I would not be the woman I am today- confident, self-sufficient, loving (oh, I could go on and on and on...) if not for you.

Thanks for everything and I love you dad!

To my loving husband,

I know you are a good dad. Make our little love feel that she is the best thing that ever happened in our life. One day, she might even wrote a letter and share to the whole world how great a father you are.

I love you.

To all the fathers out there, Happy Father's Day!

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