Iscreamist: Dragon's Breath

We picked up my daughter's gown yesterday. She will wear it on Saturday for my cousin's wedding. My cousin and his bride-to-be pick her as one of the flower girls. It will be her first ever stint as one and I am so excited I had a gown made for myself lol

Anyway, on our way home, my brother drove us to a nearby ice cream house called The Iscreamist. One of the bestsellers is Dragon's Breath. It is actually a smore with a twist.

Dragon's Breath 4 pcs. PhP 65

S'more consists of roasted marshmallow with a layer of chocolate sandwiched in between two graham crackers.

blowtorch in action

I am thankful that my Canon EOS M is quick enough to capture the Iscreamist in action. He is roasting the marshmallow by using a blowtorch.

nitrogen served in a cup

Word of caution about Nitrogen:

Liquid Nitrogen is extremely cold and can cause burns. Do not pour it over yourself or on others. You must let it drip and boil over before you eat it. You can't ingest the liquid nitrogen in the cup (like you would not drink a boiling water).

As such, Dragon's Breath is not available for take out.

Step 1: Dip the smore in the Nitrogen filled cup

Step 2: Count up to 7 seconds

Step 3: Eat the whole piece and see the smoke come out of your mouth

There you have it, The Iscreamist- Dragon's Breath ; )

It was fun taking all the photos above. I recommend that you try and order Dragon's Breath when you visit The Iscreamist.

Red Velvet cream base ice cream PhP 150

When ordering an ice cream from The Iscreamist, you have three choices- cream base, coffee base or adult cream base (with alcohol). I chose Red Velvet from the cream base list. It was creamy, milky and oh-so-smooth. It's so yummy, no kidding!

The Iscreamist menu

Seats are limited up to 15 persons only. We were lucky a group of students vacated the table right after we placed our order. Parking is limited.

The Iscreamist is located at 46 D Magiting Street, Teacher's Village, East Diliman, Quezon City.
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