"Kris Aquino Yellow" Gown

My MIL gave me two sets of fabrics in yellow and green a few years ago. I didn't know what to do with them until one of my second cousin "booked" my little girl on her first ever stint as flower girl.

To make the long story short, I got excited ng todo and had a gown made by Bong de Ocampo Couture. Sa sobrang excited ko mas nauna pang natapos ang gown ko sa gown ng anak ko lol

full body shot of my sunny yellow gown

Di naman masyadong matingkad ang kulay ng gown ko, noh? Parang kita ako hanggang EDSA lol

here's the sketch Bong created

I went to Bong's home/office last May 5. When I presented the fabrics (there were two kinds), she made some suggestions and I told her about the flaws that I want to hide lol She had an idea on what to do with the fabrics and immediately drew my gown as shown above. 

this is one of the fabrics

The fabric looks like a Piña but it's not, it has a softer feel to it. It has "shimmers" so kumikinang ang lola niyo!

first fitting without the metal corded lace and bead work

There are some adjustments that needed to be done on my first fitting including the sleeves and the overall length of the gown. Plus, the pleats on the waist needed to go.  Bong said something like it made me look heavier/fuller or something like that.

That said, I like her because she tells me how she sees it.  And she knows her client's body.

Bong incorporated some metal corded lace on my gown then added some beadworks. During the first fitting we talked about wearing a belt with this gown but Bong felt that the design found on the waist should be the same as the design on my (off) shoulders. 

Here's a closer look at the lace and the beadwork done on my "Kris Aquino Yellow" gown ; p

photo taken at the reception in Oasis

For my hair and makeup entry, read here.

When mom and dad saw the gown, they nodded in approval. The most important question is... did DH like it? DH LOVED my gown especially when he learned that the price is reasonable. He even suggested to have the set of green fabrics made right away. Yes, I will have it made... soon!

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