Livestock's Crispy Pata | Restaurant Review

One Saturday evening, I was at my parent's house when my sister asked if I want to join them for dinner. Minsan lang manlibre ang kapatid ko kaya sinagad ko na, I called DH if he wanted to join us. I even suggested a restaurant that I wanted to try- Livestock Restaurant along Sgt. Esguerra Ave. in Quezon City. 

Here's what we ordered...

Melts-in-your-mouth Crispy Pata PhP 590

A waitress went to our table and offered to slice the crispy pata right in front of us. As in super lambot but the skin remained crispy ah. Magaling talaga ang pagkaluto. My family liked the vinegar on the side, perfect partner ng crispy pata kasi tama ang timpla.

Coffee Bourbon Ribs PhP 490

While Livestock's version of Crispy Pata is really good, I can't say the same for its Coffee Bourbon Ribs. Puro ribs, walang meat hahaha Feeling ko nalugi ako maski di ako ang nagbayad kasi naman PhP 500 isang order, add another PhP 100, eh di sana nag crispy pata nalang ulit kami kaso baka heart attack naman ang abutin namin lol

Mic's Sisig PhP 260

DH ordered Mic's Sisig. I don't like sisig, just thinking palang what's in that dish nadidiri na ako hahaha Anyway, I think DH liked it so if you are a sisig lover, siguro you will like it too!

Bangus Belly en Papillote PHp 298

My dad doesn't like any food that is fried so we always order something grilled for him. I was not able to taste the fish because I was happy with crispy pata with rice (PhP 40).

Bacon & Clam Chowder PhP 190

We ordered Bacon & Clam Chowder for my little girl kaso super pihikan niya now sa food, sometimes she likes soup but there are days that she doesn't like that night. It's freaking me out, so weird.

1906 Buy 2 Get 1 Free beer PhP 280

Thanks sis!

At bilang abusado ang asawa ko, nag order pa ng Buy 2 Get 1 free 1906 beer lol Naubos naman nila, naghati sila ni mother. Dad and sis were just posing with the beers, they didn't drink it hehe

Livestock Restaurant is located at #34 Sgt. Esguerra Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City.
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