Rabeanco Alexandra Tote (Blithe) in Fuchsia | Bag Review

For the first time, I was able to sleep soundly last night. In fact, I slept earlier than usual because I know that I will wake up the next day with the scent of genuine Italian leather filling my entire bedroom, no kidding! Yes, I already bought the Rabeanco Alexandra tote (Blithe 152504-12B) that I have been lusting for quite some time.

Rabeanco Alexandra | Blithe

worn as a bucket bag

As I am writing this, my new Rabeanco bag is beside me and I can't help but smell and feel the buttery, soft leather. The scent smells expensive, it reminded me of my Tod's D-Styling Bauletto mini in orange except that this one is so much affordable.

worn as a shoulder bag

Rabeanco Alexandra, or Blithe as known locally, can be worn in two styles (as shown in the first two photos) by making use of the two shimmering silver toggles provided (as shown below).

bag: Rabeanco Alexandra Small (Blithe)
price PhP 7650
size: 10.5" (L) x 7" (W) x 11"(H) 
color: Fuchsia

two shimmering silver toggles

Want a new bag but can't afford one? Just connect the silver chains to opposite sides of the bag to change its shape. Attachment of these two toggles to the silver grommets found at the front, back and sides of the bag can give your Rabeanco Alex a whole new look... very versatile if you ask me.

large zippered canvas pouch

Rabeanco Alexandra comes with a separate large zippered canvas pouch secured to the bag by the D-ring.

round Rabeanco tag

Available in 11 other colors like Beige, Green, Black, Blue, Dark Orange, Turquoise, Almond, Red, Slate, Teal and Vanilla.

1 zippered wall pocket and two side pockets

Rabeanco zipper pull

stitch is good

it does not say where it was made

caution when using it

this tag says it is hand-finished, whatever that means

I think I need more of these anti-mold sticker

Oh, lookie! Instead of packets of silica gel, I found an anti-mold sticker. How effective is this?

Rabeanco cloth bag

Rabeanco paper bag

Rabeanco Alexandra is also available in a bigger size 17" (L) x 6.75" (W) x 11" (H).

I will tell you where I bought it in my next entry ; )


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