Sexy Menu by Chef Jessie at 100 Revolving | Restaurant Review

Yesterday, I told you about the i.Lipo session that I experienced at Marie France. Please do check it out because I am giving away a complimentary i.Lipo treatment to one lucky reader. It is redeemable at any Marie France center near you.

Sexy Menu

Anyway, a sexy menu was specially prepared for all the media guests who have tried i.Lipo for the first time. From 30th floor where Marie France is located, everybody went up to the 33rd floor of MDC 100 Building. I saw Chef Jessie as I was exiting the elevator. She always has that smiling face, I like her a lot!

Heart of Palm with Arugula and Rose Capsicum in Tamarind Vinaigrette Dressing 75 calories

For salad, a plateful of chopped heart of palm and rose capsicum with arugula in tamarind vinaigrette dressing was served. It was delicious and a sign of more good food to come.

Refreshing Chilled Watermelon and Cucumber with Fresh Mint 50 calories

This combination of watermelon and cucumber tasted weird. It did not complement each other. Sadly, I was not able to finished my bowl of soup.

Steamed Maya-Maya Filet with Ginger Sauce, Organic Brown Rice, Quinoa and Fresh Herb 280 calories

For the main entree, guests were given a choice of Roast Chicken Chimichurri with Sweet Potato Mash and Fresh Herb (370 calories) and Steamed Maya-Maya Fillet with Ginger SAuce, Organic Brown Rice, Quino and Fresh Herb. I chose the later, of course.

Aside from having lower calorie count, I wanted to taste Maya-Maya for a change. I am so used to Salmon being served at events. The main entree made up for the lack of appeal of the soup.

Lemongrass Jelly with Mango 35 calories

Oh, I love the Lemongrass Jelly with Mango! I always make room for dessert. Okay, that's part of the reason why I didn't finish the soup lol This is yummy!

I am so happy that I get to try 100 Revolving Restaurant by Chef Jessie. Thanks to Marie France for always taking good care of me!

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant is located at 33rd Floor MDC 100 Building, C5 cor. Eastwood Drive, Libis Quezon City with Tel nos: (+632) 962 5654 / (+632) 962 1016 Opens from 11am to 11pm daily.
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