Holy Carabao Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

Two Sundays ago, my family and I traveled to Sta. Elena in Laguna to visit Holy Carabao's The Fun Farm. My sister made a reservation 3 weeks before our scheduled trip. I am not exactly sure what the weather will be like so I told them to wear comfortable clothes and rubber shoes. Oh, we also brought along extra clothes just in case we got wet by accidentally falling off the boat ; p

It was a cloudy day, perfect for a family outing. We went around 1 in the afternoon after having lunch at Pancake House. Most of the morning visitors have already packed and left the vicinity. There's ample parking space. It was not crowded, I think there were only two other families aside from us.

my little princess checking the place

The Fun Farm Operating Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Entrance Fee:

Adult- PhP 300
Below 2 years old- FREE
Senior Citizen with Valid ID- PhP 240
Every Succeeding Hour in Excess of 4 Hours- PhP 50

Registration Area



spot the tiny fish my sister caught ; p


Fishing and Boating are in one area. We chose to go fishing instead of riding the boat. Fish bait with worm is provided free of charge. My sister caught a tiny fish, she released it as soon as I took her photo ; p

in case you fall off the boat ; p

There's a shower area just in case you fall off the boat. Right beside the Fishing/Boating area, we saw a carabao taking a nice, cool bath.

This caretaker said we can tour the farm with his carabao. And so off we go...

Oh, lookie! A duck!

a mother and son pony

awww... butterfly!

two little pigs

ahh... here's the third one lol

A basket full of carrots was handed to us when we went to the rabbit house. You can feed the rabbits and the hamsters too. Everything was included with the entrance fee. Tipping is optional. We only tip the manong who toured us with his carabao and the guides of the horses.

my little girl's first horseback ride

a goat

after an hour we took a rest

Sand House

There's a family inside the Sand House so we didn't go in. There's swing and seesaw right outside, we played there instead.

zip-line kiddie version

who is the bravest of them all?

my daughter is fearless... woo hoo!

Can somebody please tell me what this is called? We had so much fun playing it!

my daughter trying to play this game

where are you going little girl?

We toured the whole farm for a total of two hours, activities included. It was fun and exhausting at the same time.

Visit to Holy Carabao Farm requires reservation, you may call 0920 468 8785, 0918 888 6588 and 0916 475 3211. It is located at Sta. Elena Properties Inc. Barrio Malitlit, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  To view directions going to The Fun Farm, read here.

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