Unpredictable Weather?! Check out Zaxy by Grendha!

Rainy days are here again! Isn't it annoying when you accidentally step on a puddle of water and you are wearing your favorite pair of leather shoes? I know the feeling because it happened to me so many times. I don't want to wear rain boots every time it rains because its bulky and heavy. Anyway, I am glad that Grendha came up by Zaxy Collection. It's perfect for the rainy days!

choose your color. choose Grendha.

I passed by Bambu Bonifacio High Street last weekend. I was impressed with the various styles and colors that Grendha came up with especially for the gloomy weather! I spy a mother-daughter pair of shoes (left side of the photo). It's so cute, matchy-matchy! I only wish the store carries a size for my 2-year old daughter. 

Check out the following designs that I spotted...

Zaxy Sunday Sandalia by Grendha PhP 1795

Zaxy Sunday Sundalia is so stylish I can wear this with a dress or blouse and short. I chose a neutral color so it can fit any outfit that I choose to wear.

Zaxy Very Happy by Grendha PhP 1495

Oh, I love R-E-D! And this Zaxy Very Happy has the most vibrant red color I have seen. It will surely brighten up every mood or weather.

Zaxy Picnic by Grendha PhP 1795

For a more elegant function, you can't go wrong with Zaxy Picnic. I instantly fell in love with its design and color.

Trivia: Grendha is made of Polyvinylchloride (PVC) material, making it 100% waterproof, durable, and stronger than rubber!

Feeling like a Pop Princess? Check out Zaxy Popstar Queen and Zaxy Popstar Punk below.

Zaxy Pop Star Queen by Grendha PhP 2595

Zaxy London by Grendha PhP 2595

Oh, booties! Zaxy London design is more sophisticated than the other rain boots available. Personally, I like the brand because the material is so soft. I can walk comfortably even if I am wearing a pair of Grendha with high heels. I will show you the pair, yes, I bought one, in my next outfit post ; p

Zaxy Popstar Punk by Grendha PhP 2595

With Grendha's latest collection, you will never have to worry about unpredictable weather ever again!

What are you waiting for? Check out the Zaxy Collection by Grendha in one of the Bambu stores near you. It is also available in all leading boutiques and department stores nationwide.

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