No ChickenJoy?! Jollibee's Official Statement

You all know I have been busy planning my daughter's second birthday party, right? Yesterday, I received a phone call from a concerned friend informing me that the Jollibee store where my daughter will be celebrating her party is closed (Yes, still closed as of this writing). I was shocked.... gaaaaaaah!


Naturally, I panicked pero di ko masyado pinahalata sa kausap ko. I called up the Jollibee store concerned and one of the staff assured me that the store is doing their best so that the weekend parties will not be affected. There's gonna be 4 parties on Sunday alone.

Then I posted this question "Bakit walang chicken sa Jollibee?" on my Facebook account and these were some of the answers I got...


System Upgrade daw? Ibig sabihin papalitan nila ng turkey yun chicken? lol

Yung french fries daw papalitan na ng kamote dahil sa shortage hahaha

Here's the official statement of Jollibee Foods vice president for marketing, Harvey Ong.

"Unfortunately, this change in system has initially affected the delivery schedule of raw materials from our commissary to select stores," he said.

"We would like to clarify that this is NOT a supply issue or a chicken shortage situation. Rest assured that this is only temporary as we are working round the clock to ensure that all our products – including Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti and Yumburgers – will be made available again in all the affected stores soonest. In fact, some of these stores have already begun offering these Jollibee favorites again," he said. -Source

Okay, sana lang totoo nga na merong ChickenJoy sa party ng aking little love, hindi yung puro paasa lang. Let's wait and see! Ngarag mode ako today.

Anyway, today is her real birthday and I still don't know where we are having our dinner date. Any suggestions?
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