Akira Robinsons Magnolia | Restaurant Review

Aside from Ramen Nagi, Akira is the other new restaurant in Robinsons Magnolia. I suggested the restaurant to Puma's new marketing head, Jennifer Casitas, when we had a meeting last week. 

SET A- US Wagyu (100g) PhP 1448

We ordered a set of teppanyaki which is good for sharing. We chose US Wagyu (SET A), it was served together with miso soup and Japanese fried rice.

100g of beef is not enough for two persons that's why it was clever of Akira to add chicken and prawns to every set ordered. But I think they should have just lowered the prices of teppanyaki sets ; p

I requested for medium-well but the beef served was well-done. As a result, the beef was not as tender and juicy... sayang ang beef!

Also available in Japanese Wagyu (100g) A3 PhP 1768 and A4 PhP 2178. The cheapest teppanyaki set is US tenderloin (150g) at PhP 948.

top to bottom: sauce for seafood, chicken and steak

You can request for another set of sauces so you can each have you own set.

a cupful of Japanese fried rice

We shared a bowl of Japanese fried rice. There's plenty of rice in that bowl so I suggest that you share one bowl first before ordering another one.

miso soup

Akira Roll PhP 348

Akira Roll was described on the menu as Kani, Softshell, topped with tempura bits, grated cheese, spicy mayo and tobiko. I saw a teeny weeny bit of softshell crab, I tasted a hint of cheese and lots of tobiko. Oh, and by the way, half of it was tenkasu*

*Crunchy bits of deep fried flour-batter

Apple Cucumber PhP 138

Carrot Pineapple PhP 138

We both love our fruit shakes. I finished my glass of Apple Cucumber halfway through our meal ; p Buti nalang, we were both so engrossed with our discussion, we were not so bothered with the ho-hum meal.

Akira is located at the Ground Level of Robinsons Magnolia. You can call 809 1234 for reservations.

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