Bags By Rubbertree: Fold Over Sling | Bag Review

When I first met the owners of Bags by Rubbertree, Ruben and Trina, at #10aAlabama, I instantly fell in love with their hand-cut and hand-stitched leather bags.

Bags By Rubbertree | 10A Alabama

Bags By Rubbertree Fold-Over Sling small

bag size: 13" (l) x 10" (h) x 2.5" (w)
material: imported cowhide leather
strap: adjustable

I was eying for the bag above but I requested Trina to tweak its design- add a magnetic closure on flap, make the bottom of the bag wider to fit a small bottle of mineral water and lastly, make one in bright red color (photo below). I purposely add those so I can bring this bag with me whenever I go out of town or travel abroad.

This is what she came up with, not exactly the bag that I have envisioned- the bag looks wider horizontally, the color is deep red and the design on the flap which I love cannot be found in this bag but I am happy with it nonetheless.

Bags By Rubbertree wood tag and logo

What was promised to be a 7 to 10 working day delivery,  extended to a month. I understand because Bags By Rubbertree is only made up of four people working behind the brand- Ruben, Trina and two staff. I corresponded with them through email, no contact numbers were given.

what's at the back of the wood tag?

At the back of the wood tag are our signatures and the bag number. It shows what number the bag is in our production from the first piece that we made. We sign it to ensure you that we personally constructed the bag and that it was made with the utmost care and attention :)


unlined leather

As with any other bags and cases from Bags By Rubbertree, this small fold over sling is also not lined.

Magnetic Lock Closure


one-piece leather

Just to give you an idea, this fold over sling bag can fit 3 notebooks and a small bottled water.

Bottom of the bag sags when there's nothing inside. Anyway as a consolation for waiting over a month, Trina sent a cord pocket (pictured below) worth PhP 250. Thanks!

Bags By Rubbertree cord pocket PhP 250

I used it for my Canon camera wire. The wire used to be lying on top of my work table, at least it now looks good and not messy.

Regular use is the key to keeping the finish supple and stronger. If in case you decide to store it, place it in its canvas outer bag. Do not wrap in plastic! The material needs to breathe. Wipe with dry cloth before use. 
If it gets dirty, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use soap or alcohol or hand sanitizer.
If it gets wet, let it dry slowly in room temperature. Do not use a hairdryer or rub profusely with cloth.
If it gets brittle, get a neutral cream to recondition. Place a small amount on a piece of cloth and apply in circular motions.

Together with the bag, I found a basic care card along with two more tags containing the background of Ruben and Trina in Industrial Design and Studio Arts.

My custom-made bag was delivered a month after I ordered it but it was really worth the wait! I still get a high on the smell of genuine leather and my hands can't resist touching its naturally soft texture. The quality of the leather reminded me of my Rabeanco Alexandra tote at a fraction of the cost!
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