Lucky Rainbow Z Square Mall Banawe | Restaurant Review

Just over a month ago, we do not have a single helper at home. I do everything single-handedly- from taking care of my perky two-year old to washing clothes (with the use of washing machine naman!) to cooking (but most of the time we eat out or have our food delivered). Thankfully, DH is always there to support me, he would offer to wash the dishes from time to time ; ) Lately, we don't go out as much anymore because I have found not just one but three helpers to help me around the house ; p

Braised Taro with Pumpkin and Garlic in Casserole Small PhP 280

Anyway,  I saw these photos taken last month at Lucky Rainbow Shark's Fin & Seafood Restaurant in my folder and thought of sharing our experience with you. I already found a yaya when we ate here so everything we ordered was good for 3 to 4 pax with extra to take home.

Hot Prawn Salad PhP 580

Those are breaded prawn on top of the salad. It has a weird-tasting coating, more like curry and it did not go well with the rest of the salad. The chef should stick with the regular Hot Prawn Salad that diners are accustomed to.

Pan-Fried Beef Tenderloin with Special Honey Sauce Small PhP 460

Beef Tenderloin looks good on the menu but not so much when it was served to us. The taste was not impressive at all- it was sweet and that's about it.

Xiao Long Pao PhP 160/6pieces

DH and I love their xiao long pao, consider your it well-made if there's soup inside when you bite into the wrapper. All six pieces were tasty, you won't need to dip it in its sauce.

Assorted Seafood with Corn Soup Small PhP 320

For the price found on the menu, I expect quality ingredients but that was not the case. Take the Assorted Seafood with Corn Soup, all I can see and eat were bits and pieces of crab sticks and corn. What happened to the word "Assorted"?

With 2 hits (including the Braised Taro with Pumpkin & Garlic in Casserole) and 3 misses, it might take us a while to go back. There's a lot of new restaurants that opens in Banawe after all.

Lucky Rainbow Shark's Fin & Seafood Restaurant is located at Unit 201-204 Z Square Mall L23 Banawe cor. Del Monte, Manresa, Quezon City.
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