Samsung 65" Curved UHD TV (UA65HU9000RXXP)

My family and I were invited to check out the new Samsung 65" Curved UHD TV a few weeks ago at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

Samsung 65" Curved UHD TV

Samsung 65" Curved UHD TV was already installed when we arrived in our room along with the Blu-Ray DVD player and a home theater system. There's also a remote and a pair of 3D glasses already waiting for us.

look who is checking out the 3D glasses

Later that afternoon, macarons, cookies and a tub of popcorn were delivered inside our room to complete our Samsung 65" Curved UHD TV experience.

 Just to give you an idea of how huge a 65" TV is...

Everything you need to know about the new Samsung Curved UHD TV can be accessed when you turn it on.

Just to show you how clear the show we were watching...

The picture is so clear, I don't think I have ever seen another TV that offers the same picture quality. There are 3D movies available but DH and I do not like wearing 3D glasses ; p Besides, who needs 3D when what you are watching has super sharp images already!

multimedia access

be updated with NewsON

Samsung Apps

you can even take a selfie with the new Samsung 65" Curved UHD TV ; p

at right: other ways of capturing your photo without using a remote

Screen Mirroring function

I can access my Samsung MEGA.. yey!

 Samsung UHD  Curved TV feature:

My techie husband was so impressed with this latest model from Samsung that he is thinking of buying one, the only downside is its price ; p

Samsung 65" Curved UHD TV (UA65HU9000RXXP) SRP is PhP 299,900.
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