Yardstick Coffee Makati

I was happy that it was DH who was driving when we went out with our friends a couple of weeks ago. I would not have found Yardstick Coffee Shop in Makati on my own.

PhP 338,000 seriously?!

We were all shocked to see PhP 338,000 on the menu. Well, apparently, the price is for a coffee machine ; p

Here are my friends who were all game to pose in front of my camera...

Most of us were still full from the dinner we had next door but still, we ordered a lot lol

Mocha Deconstructed PhP 190

I think Mocha Deconstructed is most sulit item on the menu. You get two coffee for the price of one. You simply mix the three cups on the left when you finished drinking the cup on right ; p

PB&H Shake PhP 180

I was not able to finish my glass of Peanut Butter shake, just too sweet for me!

Yardstick coffee shop has a wider area and is well-lit, in complete contrast with Your Local's dimly-lit and cramped interior. Your Local is located behind a connecting door.

Yardstick is located at Ground Floor Universal LMS Building 106 Esteban Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. You may call 8450073 or 09177236079 for inquiries.

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