H&M Manila VIP Party

I was at H&M VIP Party last night! It was held at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall, H&M's flagship store in Manila.

It all started with the golden ticket aka the most coveted invite of the season, I received it a few weeks back and my life was never the same. H&M is really here in Manila!

with Rowena aka Animetric

Rowena and I arrived on the dot at 7pm. We don't want to miss a thing lol We were standing right in front of H&M logo for proof that we were really there hahaha Oh! Red carpet treatment with matching 20% off storewide shopping privilege for one night only! Who wants to miss that?!


Warning! This entry has over 70 photos Look and shop at your own risk hahaha

leopard print coat PhP 4490

leopard print rubber shoes PhP 899

leather jacket PhP 2290

body shaper PhP 1990

Betty Boop PhP 899

pants starts at PHP 499

bear key chain PhP 149

necklace PhP 599

ring set PhP 299

watch? naaaah! it's a bracelet!

bag PhP 5490

bag PhP 1190

bag PhP 899

gloves PhP 599

shoes PhP 2990

shoes PhP 1690

shoes PhP 2290

bands PhP 99/set; socks 3 pack 349; socks 5 pack PhP 499

Label of Graded Goods L.O.O.G. starts at PhP 1490

size as big as 46 at only PhP 1190

party! party! at PhP 1490

this shirt at PhP 599

tee at PhP 699

LBD at PhP 2990

little red dress at PhP 2290

long sleeves at PhP 599

I need this! PhP 1690

animal print bags at only PhP 899 each

bedroom slippers for PhP 599

lace blouse PhP 899

blouse PhP 599

floral dress PhP 1190

tees as low as PhP 299

Batman hoodie PhP 1490

 Ladies section is located at the ground level, kids section at the 2nd level and men's wear at 3rd level.

denim jacket at PhP 699

printed tees at PhP 299

kid's jean starts at PhP 899

Hello Kitty bag PhP 699

Hello Kitty ballerina flats PhP 499

kitten headband PhP 199

kitten head wear PhP 399

kitten accessories

#DragonPrincessB needs this...gaaah! PhP 1490

sunglasses at PhP 499

men's gloves starts at PhP 599

3 floors, 3000 square meters of floor area and tons of photos after,  I was not able to shop huhu I was so preoccupied in taking all these great photos for you guys ; (

I will be back so I will see you at the opening day tomorrow! Doors open at 9am and the first 200 in line will get gift cards valued as high as PhP6,000 each! If that's not enough, the opening offers will be up to 50% off. On the opening day, the store will open until 12 midnight but will resume regular store hours (10am to 10pm) on October 20 onwards.

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