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Last weekend, my hubby celebrated his birthday at Rosanjin, a fairly new Japanese restaurant located in SM MEGA Fashion Hall. We were supposed to eat in Ippudo but the line was so long ; (

Since we brought #DragonPrincessB's stroller, we chose a table at the back of the restaurant. The air conditioner was not turned on. When the waitress turned it on, the Japanese guy came to our table to say that it was not functioning well and had to be turned off again. He said we can opt to seat near the entrance where it was colder. We did not bother to transfer.

Tonkatsu Ramen Set PhP 390

After a while, when the restaurant was full, the staff eventually turned the air conditioner on and it was working perfectly well. I don't know what's up with the excuse of the Japanese guy ; p Your guess is as good as mine ; )

The birthday boy ordered Tonkatsu Ramen set. Aside from the ramen, the set includes a 3-piece gyoza, a vegetable side salad with Japanese mayo and an unlimited serving of rice.

We also ordered the following to share:

I was disappointed with Tamago, it lacked sweetness and it was bland. I like Ebi sushi and California Maki though. DH also ordered Salmon PhP 180 (not in the photo).

assorted tempura

Tempura Assorted PhP 390

Assorted Tempura Set comes with 3 pieces of shrimp tempura, several vegetables cooked tempura style, 2 side dishes, miso soup and unlimited serving of rice. 

US Kalbi PhP 450

The photo shows one order of US Kalbi. An order has 10 pieces of thinly sliced beef, a bit expensive but it was tender so I'm not complaining.

My mom and sister ordered another set of assorted tempura and US Kalbi when they arrived.

The meat was already tasty, you won't be needing the sauce for dipping.

Assorted Sashimi Set PhP 390
Salmon Set PhP 390

Dad ordered a Sashimi Set while my brother ordered a Salmon set. I guess their orders were okay because I didn't hear any complaints lol

Order those on the set menu when dining, it gives more value for your money.

One thing was missing that day, a birthday cake ; ( I promise to make it up next year!
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