Uniqlo Opens in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center

I was invited to yet another shopping event earlier this week. This time, it's for the opening of Uniqlo's 17th store at the Power Plant Mall at Rockwell Center in Makati City. Japan's leading global apparel brand will carry Uniqlo's Kids and Babies Expanded Collection. And what better way to showcase these clothes? A fashion show, of course!

Uniqlo Fall/Winter 2014 collection focuses on these 5 ideas:

  •  Freedom of Movement
  •  Comfort
  •  Easier Removal
  •  Fun Designs
  • Safety Features to Promote Kids' Growth and Health

After the fashion show, the shopping activity begins...

Kid's Light Warm Padded Parka PhP 1290

Baby Sweat Full-Zip Parka PhP 790

Girl's Easy Legging Pants PhP 590

Kids Easy Pants PHP 590

Relaco & Steteco at PhP 190

Special Opening Price PhP 790

Liited Offer at PhP 790

Limited Offer at PhP 1490

Limited Offer at PhP 1290

This branch is smaller in scale compared to other branches but was well-stocked so this time around, I was able to shop. I can't wait to show my stash on my next OOTD!

Uniqlo 17th store is located at the R2 Level of the Power Plant Mall. It will be open to the public on October 24, Friday from 10:00 am onwards. 

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