Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia | Restaurant Review

I was not kidding when I told you that I was in Robinsons Magnolia every other day in my previous entry ; p I was in Magnolia Flavor House on Tuesday night, Adobo Connection on Thursday afternoon and for my Saturday date night, DH and I dined in Buffet 101 before watching a movie at 10 pm ; )

stir fried garlic crab

We invited our friend, AC, to join us on our date. After purchasing 3 movie tickets, we reserved the 7 pm slot at Buffet 101. Since it was only on its second day of operation, I thought that there would only be a few diners. Well, I was wrong! The restaurant was full and there was a line outside.

my good friend joined us on our dinner date

To my surprise, the restaurant was full to its capacity. I saw a friend of mine came in as late as 9 pm. I guess, people living in the north is really excited that Buffet 101 is finally here! You can read about the original branch Buffet 101 Mall of Asia here.

Warning! You might get hungry after reading this post ; p

What's on my plate:

Plate #1

My sushi plate includes California maki, tamago, unagi, ebi & saba. I don't know what to call the sushi with mayo on top (left) but it was crunchy and definitely worth a try!

I wish I could eat more than 1 piece of each of the sushi that I featured above but I can't because I want to leave room for the main event...

Plate #2- shrimp tempura and lamb
Plate #3- US Beef Prime Ribs
Plate #4- US Angus Steak

I suggest that you choose US Angus Steak and lamb over US Beef Prime Ribs and pork ribs. It is better tasting and more tender. Mint sauce needs improvement. It was not anywhere near the mint sauce served in Sofitel.

What's on DH's plate:

fresh suahe
noodle soup
fresh seafood

Suahe was cooked on the spot. It was succulent and sweet! Fishes and other seafood are grilled upon request. 

unlimited fresh fruit shakes

Fresh fruit shakes available are papaya, mango & watermelon. Soft drinks and iced tea are also available.

mallows and flavored crepes

Crepe's filling are fruit cocktail with blueberries and tangerine.

refillable coffee

There are two espresso machines available so do not leave the restaurant without drinking coffee ; p Creamer and sugar are found on the side of the machines. 

During our second visit, I ate whatever I missed on my first visit and these are...

fresh vegetable salad
Peking Duck with Hoisin Sauce
Sweet & Sour Pork

I forgot to take photos of my first plate filled with dimsum - asado siopao, siomai & pork spareribs. Oh, I was not able to eat pizza & pasta ; ( Now, I have a reason to go back again!

leche flan

If you have to choose one dessert, pick leche flan. It's creamy yet not so sweet!

crepe with strawberry ice cream

What's on the menu at Buffet 101:

salad selection
different kinds of pasta
meat and veggies

Japanese section:

kani, tuna & salmon sashimi
Chinese section:

BBQ Asado
lechon macau
varieties of dimsum
Peking duck
Peking duck wrapped with cucumber and leeks
radish cake, mantao and radish roll

Carving station:

US Beef Prime RIb
Catch of the Day
Fruit Shake Station
grapes & watermelon
mango, papaya, longan, pineapple, melon, orange and kiwi
gummy bears, candy sprinkles, mini mallows and chocolate candies
Red Ribbon cakes- Mango, Chocolate & Ube
halo-halo ingredients
Crepe Station

Don't blame me if you got hungry while reading this post ; p 

Buffet 101 rates (Updated November 2014):

  • Lunch Monday- Saturday PhP 699
  • Lunch Sunday                   PhP 899
  • Dinner Monday- Sunday  PhP 899

Buffet 101 Promo (Updated November 2014):

  • 9+1 Promo- Pay only for 9 guests for every group of 10 pax
  • Birthday Promo- Dine on your actual birthday (or 3 days Before or 3 days After your actual birthday) for FREE when you are accompanied by 3 paying guests
  • Wedding Anniversary Promo- Actual Date only
                                                        - 1-10 years- 10% off your bill
                                                        -11-20 years- 20% off your bill
                                                        -21-30 years-30% off your bill
                                                        -31-40 years-40% off your bill
                                                        -41-50 years-50% off your bill
                                                        -51 and up- Free for couple

For more information about the promo and the requirements, please visit Buffet 101 at Level 2, Robinsons Magnolia or call 9613025   9612926.

Drop by Buffet 101 during lunch time on weekdays where eat-all-you-can costs only PhP 699! Senior citizen discount is accepted. No service charge but we left a huge tip because the service was great!

We went back to Buffet 101 the week after to celebrate my nephew's birthday ; ) Even though the restaurant is still in its soft opening phase, the service on both occasion is commendable.

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