Jogoya Japanese Buffet Taiwan | Restaurant Review

My first buffet in Taipei was at Jogoya where I was accompanied by my expat friends. I was amazed with the variety of food displayed. 

And then the following year, another friend invited DH and I to another food fest and you guess it right, it's in Jogoya once again! So year after year, every visit to Taipei is not complete without a trip to Jogoya. 

eating in Jogoya always makes DH happy

People used to literally wait in line to be seated. Upon assigning a table, you will be given a notice that there is a two-hour period inside the buffet area. 

Things have recently changed. We were not given the two-hour time frame anymore. After we paid, yes you pay first before getting inside, we were ushered to our table. No long lines now. The three metal clips are used for placement of cook-as-you-order food like fish and steak.

Below are some of the food we ate. There are a lot of stuff that I haven't tasted. I ate so much soft shell crab that night that I couldn't even move afterwards haha I am such a fatso!

shabu shabu
maki at the Japanese section
fish head

Now, you should know that this is DH's order and not mine! yikes!

soft shell crab

My favorite!!! I can't stop eating this...

minced pork on left; humba on right

I wonder why DH got these two. I can easily cook the minced pork for him while his mom can do a mean humba anytime at home. But yes, he has to eat this and even urge me to taste it because, in his words, it's so good!


Alright, I am disappointed with the lamb that they serve that night. It was hard to chew. Spiral in Sofitel Philippine Plaza still serves the best lamb hands down. 

fake shark's fin

OK, this is not the real deal but at least they are saving and preserving shark's fin by not serving it.

Movenpick ice cream brand

The mango ice cream is terrible. Nothing beats our mango ice cream here in Manila.

cheese cake

Seeing this picture makes me winced. I can still taste the sourness of this fruit.

The following pictures were taken by DH. The restaurant allowed us to take photograph because I think they have an on going blogging contest at that time. I was not sure because I only know a few Chinese characters. But I saw BLOGGING in the advertisement right outside the restaurant. At one point, when the one manning the food section saw DH taking photos, he even arranged the food so DH could take a nice photo of it hehe But no, we didn't went in and say I am a blogger.

seafood section

Aside from soft shell crab, I also ate a lot of tempura ; )


Who wants to eat instant noodles in a buffet?

This is one section I didn't go to. I don't feel like eating dimsum that night.

Drinks like juice, soda, beer and wine are all free of charge. I was not able to see drinking water being served. Good thing, I brought in a bottle with me haha I searched the whole restaurant but I can't seem to find water even in the drinking station. 

Burp! Till my next food post! Hang in there : )
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