What's Inside Closeup's Ultimate Game Night Kit?

Two nights ago, I was in Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge. No, I didn't party, I dropped by to witness Closeup Gets You Closer with Ultimate Game Night event. I was not able to participate in the game but I took home the Ultimate Game Night Kit!

I can't wait to share this kit with my friends in our Christmas party next month. So, what's inside Closeup's Ultimate Game Night kit? Find out below...

  • Monopoly Millionaire Deal Card Game

  • Pens and papers

  • Greenwich Ultimate GreenCard

Greenwich partnered with HappyPlus, the Ultimate Greencard now offers users with a brand new set of perks applicable at a variety of JFC estblishments including Jollibee, Chowking and more!

Benefits of owning a Greenwich Ultimate Green Card

1. Delivery

  • PhP 499 Package- Choice of 2 Barkada Thick 12" Pizza or  Barkada Thick 12" Pizza and 2 Pastas, all delivered with a 1.5L Coke
  • Frequency Card- A sticker for every PhP 500 spent; 3rd visit, customers will receive a free spaghetti boat; 6th visit, customers will receive a free Barkada size pizza in any flavor when they call 5-55-55 for Metro Manila, 254-1000 for Cebu, 435-5555 for Cavite delivery or simply visit www. greenwichdelivery.com

2. Dine In/Take Out

  •  Free food in exchange for points
  •  Win cash monthly
  • Cashless payment

Greenwich Ultimate GreenCard cost only PhP 100 and is valid for 3 years.

What's a game night without a pizza?! Greenwich, the Philipines' favorite pizza and pasta chain, introduced the Greenwich 4-in-1 Overload. It is a 15" party size pizza that is perfect for sharing! There's Pepperoni, All Meat & Cheese Overload, Hawaiian Overload and Greenwich's flagship product-Ultimate Overload pizza ; ) There's a pizza for everyone for only PhP 549! Order one now!

  • Toothbrush

  • Closeup Deep Action Red Hot gives 3x more fresh breath with active zinc mouthwash; only PhP 61

Now that you have an idea on what's inside the kit, it's time to get close! Get everyone together and play Closeup's Ultimate Game Night. With up to 12 hours of fresh breath, you can't help but get close. Don't forget to share a photo of your #CloseupMoment ; )

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