Excelente Chinese Cooked Ham

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We had Excelente Chinese Cooked Ham for breakfast today so I figured I would repost this entry from my old blog entry. I will never get tired of driving to Quiapo just to get my hands on this sweet-tasting ham.

Excelente Chinese Cooked Ham

One Saturday after office, DH and I went to Quiapo. With holiday season over, the place was not as crowded anymore. We were able to park in one of the banks situated in Carlos Palanca St. I removed any jewelry that I had since we were just going to walk around the area.

We have 2 things to do that day, have my camera fixed and buy our favorite ham ;p

ooops! camera fell during jump shot

When we went to Korea, my camera accidentally fell during one of the jump shots and lost two of the screws in the process. Since DH knew the owner of Mayer Photo (7337722/ 7337598), we brought back my camera for repair. Unfortunately, the store only sold camera and do not offer repairs.

Dong Camera Repair Center 319 P. Gomez St., Quiapo

The owner of Mayer recommended a repair shop named Dong Camera Repair. The two screws were replaced free of charge. Thanks, Dong ; p

Excelente Chinese Cooked Ham PhP1200/kilo (updated 12/17/2014)

Going back to the ham, each ham is more than a kilo. We bought 2 pieces for PhP1100 each. They can slice the ham for you and place it in a box together with the sweet pineapple sauce.

a pack of chicharon PhP65
longganisa PhP240 per kilo

We bought 1/2 a kilo of longanisa and 2 packs of chicharon ; p The chicharon is made of ham too. Taste different than the chicharon that we are used to. The taste is much stronger. You have to taste it hahaha I am such a bad food blogger lol

I saw this sign before we left the store. People, beware of posers! 

Just a quick update, Excelente Chinese Cooked Ham now has a branch called EMPEROR along N. Domingo in between the old San Juan City Hall and Iglesia Ni Cristo. 

Excelente Ham Inc. is located at 155- 157 Carlos Palanca St., Quiapo, Manila with telephone numbers 7336355   7336360.

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