Cloud E. Sky Lalaloopsy Doll

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Good news! After my desperate tweet and post in FaceBook, I was finally able to find the Lalaloopsy character that I was looking for in SM Sta. Mesa's Toy Kingdom Express. I think I bought the last piece available in the market lol Anyway, I am so happy that I got my hands on Cloud E. Sky.

 Lalaloopsy Cloud E. Sky PhP 1699.75 isn't she the cutest?

Thank you all to those who tweeted and texted me. You gave me all sorts of tips on where I can find the doll, I appreciate it. One of my friends who was in Target when I posted my status in FB, immediately sent me a private message if I wanted one. She could get it for me for only $23.99. I can't believe that it is so cheap there compared to its price here ; (

 carefully unboxing Lalaloopsy doll

 Cloud E. Sky

Sewn On: August 22
Sewn From: The Wisp of a Cloud
Personality: Girly and Soft Spoken

 Cloud E. Sky history

Cloud E. Sky was once a rag doll

who magically came to life
when her very last stitch was sewn.
She's girly, giggly and very soft-spoken
She loves daydreaming and is so light and airy,
she barely makes a sound!

 finally out of the box!
 list of Lalaloopsy Sew Magical! Sew Cute! characters

29. Charlotte Charades
30.  Cinder Slippers
31. Feather Tell-a-tale
32. Scarlet Riding Hood
33. Pickles B.L.T.
34. Dyna Might
35. Scoops Waffle Cone
36. Alice in Lalaloopsyland
37. April Sunsplash
38. Cloud E. Sky

Collect all 10 newest generation of Lalaloopsy dolls!

 Cloud E. Sky #1
  Cloud E. Sky #2
  Cloud E. Sky #3
 back view
  Cloud E. Sky  seated #1
  Cloud E. Sky  seated #2
 Puffy Poodle

Cloud E. Sky pet is a is puffy white Poodle with black button eyes and tiny pink bows on both ears/puffs and tail. It lacks a mouth. - SOURCE

 Cloud E. Sky's Puffy Poodle (back)
Cloud E. Sky together with her pet, Puffy Poodle
 born August 22 (National Be an ANGEL Day)

Now that I already have the Lalaloopsy character I have been looking for, I can now sleep soundly lol

Do you have a Lalaloopsy doll? What characters do you have?
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