Shorts Gourmet Manila: SHORBS

Earlier this week, we received a box of SHORBS by Shorts Gourmet Manila- edible and fun sugar art as a Christmas gift from our good friends, Edison & Jenny. It is a product of Shorts Confectionary Lab.


Inside the box is "Sven the Reindeer". Hmmm, not exactly but that's what my daughter likes to call it hahaha

12 pcs. of Handmade Premum Shortbread come with Belgian Chocolate Centered

The reindeer is intricately designed and is housed in an elegant box with a Ruby Red ribbon on top.

Shorts Gourmet Manila

The tag says Drop It. Smash It. Share It. Life is Short. Uh, oh! This is gonna be a big mess hahaha

What are SHORBS (Short Orbs)?

SHORBS are made from a sugar orb that holds bite size handmade shortbread cookies with Belgian chocolate inside.

How to open a shorbs? Smash it with a crab cracker ; p

I didn't drop the SHORBS, I smashed it with a crab cracker instead. Our whole dining table was a mess after that task was done haha

12 pcs. of individually wrapped Handmade Premium Shortbread with Belgian Chocolate inside

I think I should have left the entire content at room temperature and not inside the refrigerator (my mistake) ; p It makes the cookie hard to bite/chew. It was also crumbly but the Belgian Chocolate made up for all the mess, it was divine ; p

I visited their facebook page and I think this particular design is already out of stock ; ( I think you can order other shortbread from them while supply lasts.

Shorts Gourmet is located at 101 Calamba St. cor. Banawe St., Lourdez, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City 0917-8788818
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