Disney Princess (Jasmine & Ariel) Surprise Egg by Zaini

My daughter loves Disney Princesses especially Snow White. When we went to Duty Free, I saw a lot of Surprise Eggs from Disney Princess Collection so I bought several boxes. Last week, she chose to open this box of Snow White 3D with Stamp from Zaini.

Zaini Disney Princess Collection Surprise in Each Egg $8.20
Zaini Disney Princess Collection Surprise in Each Egg 2 x 20g

Each box contains 2 surprise eggs. Unfortunately, my daughter was too quick for my camera. She already opened the other egg. Here she is in action...

Look, mom! This is how you open an egg surprise!
Whoa! What a huge egg! Even bigger than my tiny hands!

Milk Chocolate Egg with a surprise contains cocoa solids and milk solids. Calories= 110.

I can eat this egg in one sitting... yummy!
What's inside the surprise egg?
Hmmm... let's see!
Oh, it's Princess Jasmine!
Aww... I love Princess Jasmine!
one happy baby!
Zaini Princess Jasmine Surprise Egg

 Here she is opening the remaining surprise egg...

You need to concentrate when opening an egg hihi
Uh, oh! I broke the egg into pieces!
Disney Princess flyer is also found inside Zaini Surprise Egg
Look, mom! It's Princess Ariel!

Zaini Princess Ariel Surprise Egg
Zaini Jasmine & Ariel Surprise Egg (front)
Zaini Jasmine & Ariel Surprise Egg (back)

Last but not the least, presenting to you Snow White 3D with Stamp...

Zaini Disney Princess Collection includes Snow White & Prince Florian, Jasmine and Ali Ababwa, Cinderella & Prince Charming, Beauty & the Beast, and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) & Prince Philip.

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