Shrimp Bucket Il Terrazzo Quezon City | Restaurant Review

The night before Valentine's Day, I was out with my girl friends to try out a new restaurant in Il Terrazzo, a building located along Tomas Morato, Quezon City. The newly-opened restaurant is called Shrimp Bucket.

Shrimps in Salty Eggsperience

There are several choices under Bags By The Pound like Shrimps (Php 560), Mussels (PhP350) and Crabs (Php 160/100g). Naturally, we ordered Shrimps. Now comes the question of which sauce would go best with the shrimps, among the six choices, my friends chose Salty Eggsperience and Frenchy Lemon Pepper. Other variants of the sauce are The Mardi Gras, Coco-SOL (south of Luzon), The Spaniard and Coco-Curry.

Cereal Shrimps Php 370

For starters, my friend, who arrived way earlier with her daughter, ordered Buffalo Chicken Wings Php 225 (not in the photo). I ate a piece and it was deliciously spicy. I also ordered Cereal Shrimps, I think I ate most of the shrimps in this basket ; p It's sweet and it was perfectly paired with the mayo sauce on the side. I hope the shrimps were bigger in size though.

Shrimps in Frenchy Lemon Pepper Php 560

I must admit, I was surprised when my friends' orders of bags of shrimps came literally in two plastic bags. That explains why these orders were filed under Bags By The Pound. I read online that the shrimps and sauce were mixed inside the plastic bag. Were the shrimps cooked inside the bag? I do not know for sure because I forgot to ask but I hope not. I dread the bad side effects of plastic in our food.

The bucket handed over to us was solely for the shells of the shrimps. Now you understand why I almost finished an entire order of Cereal Shrimps ; p

Anyway, if you want to order Shrimps Bags By The Pound, I suggest you try it with Salty Eggsperience. The succulent shrimps tasted better with it.

Orange Passion Iced Tea Php 80
Tweedle Book Cafe's Hot Chocolate with Chamomile Php 165

To cap off the night, we went to a fairly new restaurant called Tweedle Book Cafe along Scout Gandia in Quezon City. This is not my first time in this cozy cafe. The first visit was with my family. It was a slow Sunday so the vibe was different then, it was quiet and relaxing.

It was quite the opposite last Friday, especially since my other friend and I brought our kids along. Our kiddos were running around the huge long table, unmindful of the crowd. I don't think the coffee shop had an acoustic ceiling because I can hear everybody talking all at once.

Have you visited Tweedle Book Cafe? What did you order? I will write more about this new coffee shop in my next entry.

Have a blessed Sunday!
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