Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe Quezon City | Restaurant Review

DH surprised my daughter and I with a dinner date last Friday at this fairly new establishment along Roces Ave. called Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe. I came unprepared (read: without my camera) because all along I thought we were just going to eat at Lido located in E. Rodriguez, also in Quezon City.

Skillet Focaccia Dip Php 260

Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe has its own brick oven. The restaurant produces all types of fresh bread. We ordered Skillet Focaccia Dip. It was so good, I almost forgot my name ; p It didn't scrimp on its ingredients (spinach & sundried tomato) especially the cheese... so deliciously good!

Soup of the Day Php 150

I believe the soup of the day was called Potato Cheese Soup. I ordered this soup especially for my daughter but the taste was too salty. I guess the chef put a little bit too much cheese in it.

The replacement was better-tasting albeit still a little bit salty. Since the waiter suggested splitting up the soup into two, we ended up taking home the other half. It's still in our ref as I type this entry, I wonder if I can add a little water to make it more suitable for my palate?!

Fruit and Nut Php 280

I love the salad because it has all my favorite ingredients like tomatoes, cucumber, goat Feta cheese, mango, and kiwi. Half way through it, DH found something green and organic (no, it's not the alfafa sprouts!) wandering on the side of the plate... alone ; p The waiter was quick to replace our salad. We ended up taking home the entire order.

Lamb Orzo Php 680

Anything with lamb, I will definitely try and order. This is a slow-braised lamb roast, sliced thinly on top of rice-shaped pasta. I didn't mix the lamb with the pasta so the meat was a bit dry. I think I should have done that instead. Anyway, there's always a next time!

Five Spiced Pork Belly Php 320

One must try and I highly recommend Gourmet Gypsy's Five-Spiced Pork Belly. Don't forget to dip the crunchy pork belly in Binalonan vinegar. It's so appetizingly good!

Vietnamese Beef Stew Php 460

Nothing to rave about this dish except that the beef was tender and the taste was just right. I ordered this for my daughter who had to skip the soup I previously ordered for her.

complimentary dessert
The manager approached our table and she was so apologetic about the soup & salad incident. We told her that we were glad that they were able to replace our orders right away. Other restaurants will just simply shrug it off, leave you hanging and worst, no waiter would bother to come close to your table. I commend the waiter serving us, his name had slipped my mind huhu He was very attentive, showed concern and his manner was impeccable.

So, yes, I will definitely be back to this restaurant and will surely bring my parents on my next visit. I wanted my mom who is a coffee drinker to try Gourmet Gypsy's Clever Cup of Coffee (Php 80). The coffee is sourced from Benguet farmers. It is freshly-roasted in small batches and grounded right before serving using pour over method.

Furniture, carpets, home accessories and artwork around the restaurant are available for sale or order.

*All photos were taken with Samsung S4.

Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe is located at 25 Don A. Roces Ave., Quezon City with telephone number 662 0880.

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