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I don't often blog about Filipino restaurants as much as I would love to because I seldom find one that I would likely return to. But the case of Qubiertos Grill & Restaurant found along D. Tuazon Street in Quezon City is different. I went back a couple of times already and it is only now that I am sharing my experience to you. I would rather just keep it a secret so I can avoid the flock of hungry diners but sharing is giving so here's my entry...

Inihaw na Lumot (Squid) Php 215

Qubiertos Grill & Restaurant specializes in Kuya Tom's Boneless Cebu Lechon. Price ranges from Php 180 (1/4 Kilo) to Php 700 (1 Kilo). But aside from the delectable lechon, there are other top choices from the menu like this Inihaw na Lumot.

It is basically a grilled stuffed squid filled with cheese and chopped veggies. I can eat one whole order, over rice, of course! That's how much I loved this dish. So yummy!

Inihaw na Blue Marlin Php 195

My first two visits were with friends. We ordered a lot but unfortunately, my camera was slower than the hungry bunch that I was with. I failed to take photos of Crispy Crablets (Php 165), Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon sa Miso (Php 220), Beef Bulalo (Php 295), Kalderetang Kambing- not really good (Php 155), Beef Salpicao- very good (Php 230) and Crispy Pata (Php 415). These were just some of our orders, others I already forgot ; p

Since I was with my parents on my third visit, I opted to order something healthy like this Inihaw na Blue Marlin. An order can be shared by two to three persons. It was cooked well and had my parent's approval.

Spicy Lechon Ribs Php 395

An order of Spicy Lechon Ribs consists of one whole slab. It was humongous, we only had a slice each. I took home the rest. And yes, that's what I served on our dining table for the next couple of days lol

Just a fair warning, the meat is not as tender as I have expected. In fact, I rejected the first slab that was served on our table, it was too tough to chew. It was a far cry from the fall-off-the-bone type ribs we had ordered on our second visit.

Oh, when they say the sauce is spicy, you better believe it. You can always opt for the regular sauce if you are like me who have no tolerance for anything hot. Anyway, it tasted good nonetheless.

Qubiertos is located at 69 D. Tuazon St., Quezon City. Other branches are located in Kalayaan Ave., Katipunan and Batangas. For inquiries or reservations, call 434 3725 or 0916 454 6000.

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