Wafu Greenhills: Teppanyaki Eat-All-You-Can | Restaurant Review

I love it when my friends and I celebrate our birthdays because that means we can get together and eat at various restaurants within the metro. The last birthday party we celebrated was last January and it was held at Wafu in Greenhills.

At that time, the restaurant was offering Teppanyaki Eat-All-You-Can menu. Since we all wanted to try something different, we chose that instead of ordering a la carte items on their regular menu.

My friend reserved a private room on the second floor. We were a large group of 11 so I think we got the minimum consumable covered.

Salmon with Miso and  Miso

For starters, DH and I tried the traditional miso soup and ishikare nabe soup or the Japanese salmon miso soup. I remember the latter was sweeter than the former.

different sauces for sushi, meat and tempura
fried rice
Tamago Sashimi
Spicy Salmon Roll
Buta Enoki Maki

We only ordered three from the maki selection. There were other choices like Gyu Enoki Maki, Buta Negi Maki, Gyu Negi Maki and California Roll.

Shrimp Tempura

Aside from Shrimp Tempura, there's also Vegetable and Kani Sticks. Other choices under Tempura were Kakiage and Agedashi Tofu (pictured below). 

Agedashi Tofu

Under meat, there's chicken, beef or pork. We ordered all 4 kinds of beef- US Beef Hanging Tender, Beef Tenderloin, US Flat Iron Steak and US Gyuniku. 

Beef Tenderloin
US Gyuniku

I find the meat tough to chew, even the US ones. Under Seafood, we ordered squid and oyster (pictured below).
Yaki Soba

Wafu Teppanyaki Eat-All-You-Can is a buffet where you can grab and eat whatever it is on display. The waiter will hand a piece of paper where you have to tick on the items and indicate the quantity that you want.

As expected, our orders arrived late. The first batch of orders arrived more than 30 minutes later, after numerous request. Refillable Iced Tea and Ice Cream Dessert are included.

Wafu No Sharing/No Leftover is available from Monday to Thursday Lunch for only Php 599. Friday to Sunday Lunch and Dinner (Everyday) costs Php 799.

Wafu is located at Greenhills Shopping Center with telephone number 570 3242.

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