Philippine Airlines (PAL) 60% Off Weekend Promo To Sydney & Hong Kong

I am so used to booking our trip on the last minute (2 days before flight departure) that I find our recent booking for our trip to Hong Kong via Philippine Airlines (PAL) too early ; p

We booked our Hong Kong trip last Saturday just in time to catch PAL's Weekend Promo. I saw the promo on my Facebook timeline through a Sponsored Posting/Listing from PAL's Official Page.

Philippine Airlines Weekend Promo as much as 60% off

Selling Period: April 18-19, 2015
Travel Period: April 27- May 6, 2015

Fare Conditions

What's included in the Weekend Promo Fare:

  • Free Baggage Allowance- 7-kg hand carried baggage; 20kgs baggage allowance
  • In-Flight Meal

View sample booking below:

The key here is to book a round trip airfare at Budget Economy. To avail of the Weekend Promo, you can't mix/combine Budget Economy and Regular Economy in one transaction.

60% discount applied on Base Fare only as seen in the photo above. You still have to pay for Taxes, Fee and other Charges. 

With this sample itinerary, you can view the following included in the details:

  • Manila- Hong Kong
         -Tue, April 28 21:25 (Departure); Tue, April 28 23:35 (Arrival)

  • Hong Kong- Manila
        -Mon, May 4 08:05 (Departure); Mon, May 4 10:15 (Arrival)

You can also opt to pay for Travel Insurance. It will give you the following benefit:

  • Coverage for medical expenses due to accident or sickness during your trip
  • 24-Hour Emergency Medical and Travel assistance
  • Protection for non-refundable travel expenses if your trip is cancelled
  • Payment for delayed flights and for lost or damaged baggage
  • Travel accident protection

Travel Insurance price per person is:

  • Adult (12-75) $13
  • Child (2-11) $13

All in all, we paid a total of $328.20 including Taxes, Fees and Charges (excluding Travel Insurance) for 2 Adult and 1 Child. Before seeing the promo, our airfare was supposed to approximately $1000. That's almost $600 savings!

I will be sharing the deal I got from Ovolo West Kowloon Hong Kong in my next entry. In the mean time, Happy Monday everyone!
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