Uno de 50: Hummingbird Bracelet

I was in SM Mega Fashion Hall for two days in a row before the Holy Week break because I was eying a sterling silver bracelet with glass beads from Uno de 50 called Hummingbird.

Uno de 50: Hummingbird Php 4,219

On the first day, I learned that Uno de 50 is a brand handcrafted from Spain. The products and materials used were 100% made entirely from that country. I have to commend the SA because she was very accommodating (even though she knew I will not be buying that day) and was able to answer my questions.

Anyway, I told the SA that I would sleep over it before I decide whether to buy it or not. I am not an impulsive buyer ; )

Well, I was not able to sleep well that night. I kept on thinking about the bracelet especially since there were only two left in the store. The next day, I was back and finally bought it.

The bracelet comes in a pouch with a Certificate of Authenticity and a cloth wipe. There is also an Uno de 50 charm given for free.

Uno de 50 Certificate of Authenticity
cloth wipe
Uno de 50 charm (front design)
Uno de 50 charm (back design)


Leather bracelet featuring coloured glass and silver-plated metal beads, with beret-shaped clasp.
100% handcrafted and made in Spain.

Size: 16cm

beret-shaped clasp
leather bracelet

coloured glass and silver-plated metal beads

I love it! It is so easy to wear and remove. It complements the other bracelets that I own from other brands.

Oh, I only have to photocopy the receipt as I need to present it if ever I will claim the warranty (change, return or incident).

Uno de 50 is located at the 3rd level of SM Mega Fashion Hall.
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