Letter From A Reader: Kipling Super City as Diaper Bag

As a blogger, I have been receiving a lot of queries about what I wrote on my blog. As much as possible, I try to answer all of them the best that I can. Please understand that sometimes I get caught up with deadlines from sponsors and I could not give in to requests immediately.

This particular email from Maple was sent in November 2014. I was not able to take photos when I took the Kipling Super City Bag with us on our trip to Singapore last December 2014. It was only during our recent trip to Hong Kong that I was finally able to take some photos of it including all the baby essentials.

Hello Mrs Martinez :)

I read your blog about the Kipling Super City Bag and was interested to see that you also use it as a diaper bag. I couldn't find any video/reviews on this bag so I'm hoping you have some photos or video of how you would pack it as a diaper bag? Much appreciated. :)


Hi Maple,

Kipling Super City Bag has been with me in all my travels. It is a very versatile bag and you are right, I mainly use it as a diaper bag.

Here's how I arrange my daughter's extra clothes, milk bottles, diapers, and other baby essentials inside Kipling Super City Bag...

Kipling Super City Bag SN in Dazz Grey PhP 11,500

Kipling Super City has 3 Compartments:

Front Compartment

  •  1 zippered inner pocket
  • 2 ball pen holders
  • 1 cellphone holder
  • 1 key ring

What's inside the Front Compartment:

  • Baby wipes, alcohol, Dengue Fever care pack goes in the zippered pocket
  • Toothbrush  toothpaste goes in the cellphone holder

Main Compartment

  •  1 padded laptop compartment with velcro strap
  • 2 padded pockets with velcro closure
  • 1 water bottle holder

What's inside the main compartment:

  • extra clothes for my daughter and I goes in the laptop compartment with velcro strap
  • Digital thermometer, cloth wipe, bib, extra 4 oz. bottle and Paracetamol bottle goes in padded pockets with velcro closure
  • 8 oz. water bottle fits perfectly well in the water bottle holder
  • Milk container goes at the center of the compartment

 Back Compartment

  • 1 zipper inner pocket

What's inside the back compartment: 

  • For easy reach, I placed all her extra diapers at the back compartment

The Mommy Hook

I used 2 pieces of The Mommy Hook to securely attached Kipling Super City Bag to our Britax Stroller

Kipling Super City Bag attached on our Britax stroller

Sorry for the delayed response. I hope I answered your question, Maple! 

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Thanks and have a great day!

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