We Have A Preschooler in the House + HotStar Banawe QC

It's official... we have a preschooler in the house! She will turn 3 in August so I decided to enroll her this school year. That will give her another year to stay in a preschool before entering a big school.

On her first day of class, I was excited and worried for her at the same time but all's well. She didn't cry when I woke her up. It helped that I toured her around the school the day before. I even let her try the slides in the playground just to encourage her to go to school.

My husband and I accompanied her on her first day inside her classroom. She was able to settle down nicely in one corner with toys scattered on the table.

On her second day, her yaya left her after an hour in the care of the teachers. Today, she was willing to be left alone with her teachers and classmates even before the start of her class. The good thing is she didn't cry the entire time and I believe she enjoyed her stay in school. Yey!

Anyway,we went to see her doctor after school yesterday. The doctor had to sign a Medical Clearance form. It is basically a form that states that my daughter is fit to enter school. The doctor also needs to indicate the vaccines including the dates these were given. It's very handy to have one of those baby books.

I also had my daughter vaccinated. She cried. My poor baby girl!

Barbecue Crispy Chicken Meal Php 125 + Rice & Drink add Php 35; upgrade drink to Almond Crush add Php 25

After the doctor's visit, we went around Banawe Ave. in Quezon City to search for a place to eat. I spotted HotStar. Luckily, there's a vacant parking slot so I was able to park my car safely.

Crispy Fish Meal Php 110 + Rice & Drink Php 35

I ordered Barbecue Crispy Chicken and Crispy Fish for me to try and a spaghetti and a bowl of soup for my hungry daughter.

Spaghetti Php 50

I find the spaghetti a bit spicy but surprisingly, she was able to finish it. She must be really hungry ; p

Mushroom Soup Php 35

I like the chicken, it's crispy and tasty! They use Cream Dory for the fish so I don't really like it. The mushroom soup is just average, nothing exceptional. The spaghetti must have tasted really good because my daughter was able to finish it hihi

Have you tried HotStar? What's your favorite?

HotStar Banawe is located at 77 Sct. Alcaraz St., Siena, Quezon City For deliveries call 256 2257.

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