Racks Smoked Spring Chicken: Falls-Off-The Bones Goodness

Last Tuesday, I was invited by Racks Philippines at their newly renovated and relocated store at the 4th Level, SM Megamall Building A to try out its latest offering- Smoked Spring Chicken.

Smoked Spring Chicken Php 485

The Smoked Spring Chicken is thoroughly grilled over hickory wood until the meat is so tender, it simply falls off the bone.

Why Spring Chicken? Because the meat is juicier and absorbs the unique marination and smoking process better. 

An order of Smoked Spring Chicken comes with fresh greens and some good ol' fashioned corn on the cob, served with Racks' newest mayo-based sauce called the Alabama White Sauce on the side. 

No wonder we were served with unchopped chicken, the meat was really tender. I used my fork to separate the meat and it literally falls off its bone. It was so tasty but I have to warn you that it is a bit spicy. If you are not a fan of spicy food, that's where the sauce comes in. The sauce is a bit sweet, it gives a perfect balance to the spiciness of the chicken.

Onion Brick Php 245

 Thinly-sliced onion rings, marinated, spiced, and lightly breaded, then deep fried to a crisp.

Salad with Blackened Chicken Strips Php 385

Other dishes served that afternoon were Racks' famous Onion Brick and Salad with Blackened Chicken Strips. Both dishes were served to us during the opening of Racks Timog Ave., Quezon City.

Sweet N Smoky Pork Ribs Php 730 (half rack)

A trip to Racks is not complete without ordering one of their famous flame-grilled falls-off-the-bone ribs. I was able to enjoy Sweet N Smoky Pork Ribs- tender and meaty pork ribs slathered with Rack's in-house sweet n' smoky barbeque sauce.  Y-U-M-M-Y!

Mississippi Mud Pie Php 180

I always save room for dessert as I don't want to miss Mississippi Mud Pie like the last event when I had to leave early. This moist chocolate fudge brownie reminded me of how my mom used to bake brownies for my brother and I when we were kids. I am like a kid all over again. I love the gooey chocolate inside and the thick chocolate syrup outside. Oh, who can ever forget the vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top. This should be under No Sharing category lol

Have you been to Racks lately? What are your favorite dishes?

Racks is located at the 4th Level, SM Megamall Building A.

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