I really miss taking photos of my outfit of the day. I wanted to but with a toddler in tow, it's really hard. And sometimes I even forget to bring my camera ; p

When I went to Ayala Triangle last weekend I saw an opportunity for a photo op. Luckily, I have my camera with me. With my sister as the photographer, we came up with these shots in this serene environment.

Eddie Bauer | Zara | Bottega Veneta | Baume & Mercier | Kate Spade | Charriol |Willow Jewelry

I really love the tall trees surrounding the area, it kept us away from the striking heat of the sun. Since it was a weekend, there was no work in and around the area. We have the place all to ourselves, I can pose like no one was watching.

Melissa Campana Papel VII Blue Glitter

By now, you must have seen me wearing this pair of Melissa Campana flats in several entries. I really love it because it is so soft and comfortable when worn. Plus, it's matchy-matchy with the clothes I was wearing that day.

I don't own a Prada bag bag but I do own a pair of Prada eyeglasses that I fitted with Essilor Transitions Lenses. I was amazed at how fast the lenses darken outdoor like the one in the photo above. It quickly goes back to prescriptive lenses when I am indoor.

Here are some more photos taken at the same venue but this time with my toddler sharing the frame this time.

Look who is still on Frozen fever?! I will post a clearer pic of her outfit in another entry where she is standing still by the edge of the couch hahaha

She is so malikot. One day, I asked her if she is a boy. And you know what she answered, she said "Yes!" just so she can continue jumping from one bed to the other. Sometimes, she even rolls on the bed and says, "Tumbling!" OMG! hahaha But she is adorable in so many ways, we love her dearly and unconditionally.

Going back to my #OOTD, how do you like my look?
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