Disney Frozen Surprise Eggs: Anna + Hans

Surprise Eggs are such a hit with kids these days. My little one has already started her own collection of Disney Princess Surprise Eggs earlier this year. Now, she is into Disney Frozen Surprise Eggs.

her collection from 2 boxes of Disney Frozen Surprise Eggs

Each surprise egg has a 3D Frozen Characters inside. My daughter was lucky because she got Princess Anna on her first egg! She is her favorite character in Disney's Frozen. The other two surprise eggs were Trolls ; p

3 Milk Chocolate Eggs with a 3D Collection inside 20g @

For the second box, she got Prince Hans and two Trolls (again!). She has a total of 4 Trolls and no Olaf huhu

How to Crack Open a Disney Frozen Surprise Egg- A Step-by-Step Tutorial From a Two Year Old:

Peel the Cover


Make sure that you are present during this activity so she can hand over the trash to you. You don't want the foil to be laying around the floor, do you?

Toothy Smile... Good Job, Anak!

Squeeze It

Nah! That didn't crack open the Surprise Egg!

Bite It!

Yes, she bit into the chocolate. She excitedly turned to me and said "Mom, it's yummy!". I took the rest of the gooey chocolate out of her hand and helped her crack open the toy inside.

She does this pose whenever she finds cute stuff. I could not resist taking her photo while doing this pose because well, I find her cute!

Two boxes of Disney Frozen Surprise Eggs are bitin but she seemed happy and contented with what she got. I don't know if we have this version of surprise eggs here in Manila. If you know where I can get one, please comment in the section below. Thanks!

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