Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie SM Mega Fashion Hall | Restaurant Review

One fine Sunday, my family and I went to SM Megamall. We chanced upon Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie minus the long line which rarely happens. I read and heard mix reviews about this restaurant, I honestly don't know what to expect other than it's a bit on the pricier side and it has the same owners as Lugang Cafe.

Original Fish Soup Php 388

DH ordered Original Fish Soup with Sliced Beef Brisket, Fresh Button Mushroom, Rice Vermicelli. I tasted the soup and I find it, well, fishy haha Who am I to judge? I didn't order this. The most important thing is DH liked his order.

Grilled Ox Tongue 2pcs. Php 188

He also ordered Grilled Ox Tongue on the side. He said it was delicious and even dared me to try.  I shrugged, I would not even dare to look at it... eew!

DH and I are the exact opposite when it comes to our taste in food. While my choices are mostly on the safe side, he likes exotic dishes. That's one of the reasons why we always end up ordering way too much items from the menu. Sharing is not an option when it comes to ordering our food.

House Special Trio on Rice Php 398

I ordered House Special Trio which comes in a hot plate. The rice is topped with Baked Seafood, Wild Mushroom and Pork Chop covered with 3 special sauces- Creamy White, Pesto and Tomato.

Aside from its presentation, there is nothing exceptional about this dish.

Chicken Fillet Curry Php 368

DH also ordered Chicken Fillet Curry. Ever since I came back from Malaysia over a year ago, I swear off curry from my system. I guess I had enough of it when I stayed there for one week.

Crispy Pork Bun Php 128

Nothing beats Tim Ho Wan's Baked Pork Buns, not even Tuan Tuan. Other Baked Barbecue Pork Buns I have tried was at The Dimsum Place, Fisher Mall.

Horlicks Milk (Cold) & Cantonese Lemon Tea (Cold)

DH's order comes with a choice of drink- Hong Kong Style Coffee (hot) or Cantonese Lemon Tea (hot/cold). He chose the latter. I, on the other hand, chose Horlicks Milk (cold). This drink reminded me of my childhood, when my mom and I used to travel to Hong Kong for some R&R.

My daughter was all wide-eyed while drinking her cup full of Horlicks Milk. She prefers cold drink and she could not get enough of this one.

Except for the Pork Buns and the drinks, I find everything else to be pricey. I would likely come back to try out some of the desserts and nai cha mixed with its signature Black & White Evaporated Full Cream Milk after I take my lunch someplace else ; p

Tuan Tuan is located at 3rd Level, SM Mega Fashion Hall (MEGA D), EDSA cor. J. Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City 633 50 42

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