Baon Treats For Your Toddler

Ever since my toddler entered preschool, I always prepare baon treats so she can have something to munch on and drink after class.

Thank goodness, there are a lot of snacks right now that are readily available in the grocery or supermarket. I am sharing with you some great "baon" treats that were recently introduced to the market.

Oishi Great Lakes 100% Juice

Oishi Great Lakes 100% Juice

As it name suggests, Oishi Great Lakes 100% Juice is 100% natural fruit and vegetable juices mixed together in yummy blends- Tropical Fruit and Fruit and Vegetable. By all-natural, it means no added sweetener, flavoring or coloring!

I put one 250mL tetra pack inside her school bag. With Oishi Great Lakes 100% Juice, my daughter can bring something nutritious and delicious even when she is in school. It's a perfect baon companion. #WholesomeRefreshment

Also available in 1L pack.

Chips Ahoy! Choco Chunky & Coconut Chunky

Chips Ahoy! Choco Chunky and Cococnut Chunky

Chips Ahoy! always add new and exciting flavors. Introducing the latest variants- Coconut Chunky and Choco Chunky. These are real chocolate crunchy cookies.

Did you know that you can dip these cookies in your favorite ice cream? #DipForFun Or you can always pair these cookies with warm milk. Try it and tell me which one do you like best ; )

 Mrs. Fields Soft Baked Originals

Mrs. Fields Soft Baked Originals and Nibblers Cookies

Mrs. Fields now comes in a box! The cookies are individually-wrapped so you can be assured that it's not gonna be messy when you put it inside your toddlers lunch box.

Mrs. Fields soft baked cookies are really soft and melt-in-your-mouth kind of cookies. My daughter can't get enough of Mrs. Fields Soft Baked Originals with White Chunk Macadamia, even I love it!

What about you? What's your latest baon find?
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