49B Heirloom Kitchen in Sct. Tobias Quezon City | Restaurant Review

To continue on with my Scout Tobias restaurant series, here's 49B Heirloom Kitchen. The restaurant's location is sandwiched in between two other restaurants- Yvan Navy Burger & Kebab Haus and All Day Breakfast in Bed.

While I described my Round Robin Cafe experience as the most affordable and delectable restaurant, the items we ordered from 49B Heirloom Kitchen can be classified under fine dining quality comfort food at very reasonable prices.

The following are the food we ordered on our second visit, you can find the food we ordered from our first visit after the break...

Grilled Fillet Mignon with Shrimp Butter Php 375

I ordered one Grilled Fillet Mignon with Shrimp Butter medium well. It was grilled just the way I like it. I loved every single bite I had. It was very filling at only Php 375!

This dish comes with buttered vegetables, gravy and a choice of steamed rice, flavored rice or mashed potatoes.

Beef Lengua Php 375

For people who likes to eat lengua, DH highly recommends 49B Heirloom Kitchen to get your dose of lengua fix.

Classic Spaghetti Bolognese Php 275

We ordered a plateful of Classic Spaghetti Bolognese on the menu for my daughter. Sadly, this dish was not her type, maybe because it was not sweet enough?!

It was DH who ate our takeaway spaghetti the next day for breakfast ; p

Squash Flower Fritters Php 210

My favorite appetizer next to the one shown below is Squash Flower Fritters. These deep fried squash flowers stuffed with herb cheddar cheese were not only crunchy but also very tasty. Don't forget to dip it in Marinara sauce!

Black Bean Quesadilla Php 180

This Black Bean Quesadilla is so delicious even my daughter loved it! Choose from salsa and garlic sour cream dips or better yet combine both dipping sauce ; )

Osso Buco Php 520

On our first visit, we tried out two of 49B Heirloom Kitchen's House Specialty- Osso Buco and Tamarind Roast Chicken.

Osso Buco- sauce palang, ulam na! The beef shanks in tomato sauce was very tender. There's buttered vegetable on the side.

Tamarind Roast Chicken Php 345

I find the Tamarind Roast Chicken meat a bit dry but it was delicious nonetheless. One order is half a chicken so this is already good to share with 2-3 persons. Just order rice.

Summer Salad Php 295

For 295, you get a salad filled with slices of fruits in season, mixed greens and candied nuts in specialty dressing.

Carne Asada Nacho Fries Php 260

I love beef and it wouldn't hurt to add a few more strips to this Carne Asada Nacho fries. The amount of beef was so bitin!

Hot Ginger Banana Brulee Php 185

I can't get enough of 49B Heirloom Kitchen's Hot Ginger Banana Brulee. It was so good one order is not enough. We would have ordered another one if DH wasn't on a diet. It comes with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream... yummy!

49B Heirloom Kitchen is located at 49-B Scout Tobias corner Scout Fuentebella, Laging Handa, Quezon City 239 1637

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