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We were supposed to dine in Izakaya Kikufuji last Saturday night but it was no surprise that the restaurant was full. Fortunately for us, DH and I accidentally discovered a hidden gem along Amorsolo corner Pasay Road, Makati called Wagyu Japanese Beef. It is primarily a meat shop that sells and serves Grade A5 Wagyu Beef in different cuts.

Wagyu Japanese Beef Makati

What is Wagyu A5?

A5 is the highest grade given only to the finest beef. There's a good balance of fat, extremely smooth texture, and juicy flavor spreads out in the mouth. The Japanese Black Wagyu cattle is fed only good quality grain and raised with scrupulous care. - SOURCE

The photo above was taken from where we were seated. The venue was cramped, we shared a table with another couple. There's another table in front of us that can seat approximately 4 pax. There's a second floor but all tables were already reserved for the night. For a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, DH and I were quite surprised that many people already knew this restaurant.

Wagyu Tataki Salad  Php 900

DH wanted to try Tataki or Seared Wagyu (Php 750/plate). Our friendly waiter suggested Wagyu Tataki Salad instead. He explained that there will be the same number of slices plus we get to eat fresh veggies as well. We didn't expect the meat to be more on the raw side but for the sake of paying  Php 900/plate, we ate it and tried to savor its taste.

Sirloin Ishiyaki (Stone Grill) Php 1828.50 (150g) Php 1150/100g

Honestly, I am not fond of anything raw so when the Sirloin served on a stone grill was placed on our table, I knew I was in for a treat! Just look at that marbling!

Having tasted Kobe Beef, I think both Kobe and Wagyu Beef tasted almost the same. Both are mouth-watering, melt-in-your-mouth.

Wagyu Japanese Beef was tender and truly satisfying. The good thing is I don't have to fly to Japan just to get my Wagyu fix!

Plum Salt, Citrus Salt and Salt& Pepper as dips for your steak

complimentary ground meat for every order of rice

Ton-Jiru (Traditional Pork Soup-Miso) Php 110

Wagyu Japanese Beef is located at G-20 Sunvar Building, Amorsolo Street corner Pasay Road, Makati with telephone numbers 808 9508, 0919 9970711.

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