Flannel Friday

Today is Friday. It's the day to wear a flannel. In my case, it's the day to post an entry about the flannel top I wore during my brother's birthday last weekend at Greeka Kouzina.

posted on my Instagram (@xoxoMrsMartinez)

Uniqlo | Jockey | Mango | Ipanema
location: Greeka Kouzina

I love the comfy fit of my flannel top. It's a button-down shirt with one front pocket. I can wear it on its own or pair it with my favorite inner wear from Jockey.

I folded up the sleeves for a more casual look since I am wearing a pair of shorts. White color matches my inner wear and one of the colors of the flannel I was wearing.

 Face Of The Day (FOTD)

Did you notice how my face looked flawless in the photo? It's because of my recent discovery, The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion. I love that it has ample coverage to hide my freckles and has a strong staying power, no need for retouch.

Happy, happy birthday, Bro!

I will post more Outfit Of The Day in my succeeding entries because I have officially lost 10 pounds... yey! Thanks to the South Beach diet plan that I subscribed to. I don't think I can manage 1200 calorie/day but I did with a few cheat days in between. I think I still need to lose 5 or more pounds to see a change in my upper body though.

Till my next entry!

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