Yuujin Japanese Cuisine San Juan | Restaurant Review

So many food entries, so little time! I started with Don Andres- A Peruvian Kitchen and now, Yuujin Japanese Cuisine along Wilson St., San Juan.

It was Father's Day when we were here for dinner with the whole family. Naturally, the place was packed with early diners that were there as early as 6pm.


Sashimi Moriawase Php 450

Since there's no table that isn't occupied, we were given a table right by the door. There's no other choice, either that or we can opt for Al Fresco dining. Anyway, the waitress was quick enough to take our orders and moments later, our orders were served.

Salmon Sashimi Php 280

Saba Php 230

Tamago Yaki Php 120

California Maki

Yuujin complimentary Spam sushi for Father's Day

We love the sushi and sashimi. It was all gone right after I took these photos. Yes, we were that hungry hehe


Tenderloin Steak Yuujin Style Php 330

Subuta (Sweet & Sour Pork, Japanese Style) Php 220

Never ever order a Chinese dish, specifically Sweet & Sour Pork, in a Japanese restaurant ; p


Beef Sukiyaki Php 275

Ebi Tempura 8 pcs. Php 385


Chicken Teriyaki Don Php 230

Except for Subuta, the Japanese version of sweet & sour pork, we were able to eat everything that was served on our table. We didn't even bother to take it home ; p

The place was a bit run-down for lack of better term to describe the interior of the restaurant. What was once a cozy date place is now in dire need of an updated look.

Yuujin Japanese Cuisine is located at 221 Wilson St., San Juan 706 0626.

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