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I love Korean cuisine just as much as I love Japanese dishes. Ever since we came back from our vacation in South Korea a few years back, I would prepare Korean barbecue (BBQ) at home. But now that I don't have any helpers around the house, my family and I just visit a neighborhood Korean restaurant like Hangrille.

Korean Beef Stew

Bulgogi Jeon-Gol is one of Korea's popular dishes. It is marinated beef, stewed with lots of vegetables. It has a sweet and distinctive taste. The menu said that it can serve 1-2 persons but I have to disagree. With its generous portion of meat and other ingredients, I think this dish can satisfy 3-4 hungry tummies.

Banchan (Korea's Side Dishes)

I love eating in Korean restaurants because of its various complimentary appetizers with unlimited servings. I can't count how many times we requested for the salad and kimchi refill during our visit ; p

Korean Style Grilled Marinated Pork

If you want flavorful meat, I suggest ordering Galbi. The pork was marinated with a combination of pear juice, rice wine, soy sauce, garlic and sesame seed oil. As with any well-marinated meat, this order was tender in every bite. This is perfect when paired with Sangchu ssam (lettuce wrap).

Korean Style Grilled Sirloin Steak

Deung Shim Gui (Sirloin) Php 590

Sirloin is a steak cut at the back of the animal. To enjoy a satisfying steak, always request for the portion of meat with a lot of marbling.

I prefer the taste of beef without marinade, a dash of salt & pepper will do just like this order. I love the taste of beefy goodness!

Hangrille Korean Restaurant is located at 61 Scout Rallos St., Laging Handa, Quezon City with telephone number 410 0707.

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